Online & effective!


Online Interpreting & Internet Conferences

Since spring 2020, conference interpreter Britta Gravemann and her team have provided interpreting services also at virtual events. At times of pandemic-related social distancing and travelling restrictions, it is now possible to organize online meetings with an unlimited number of participants from all over the world and to communicate in several languages. Even several types of interpreting are possible:

Internet-based meeting platforms such as Zoom, Skype, MS Teams or Adobe Connect are used for this service. The interpreters log on as the participants via the internet and interpret from any place in the world.

Perfect Conditions!

We would ideally use the normal interpreting equipment our customers are familiar with (interpreting booth, sound equipment, conference technician) in a so-called RSI hub (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation hub) where we have

  • professional sound quality control
  • a redundant internet connection and
  • full data privacy in compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation by virtue of servers based in Germany.

This solution means for our customers that the interpreters, as the participants, do not have to be physically present.