Perfectly organized!


Unhassled success through good preparation

The success of a conference or multi-lingual event depends not only on the suitable selection of interpreters but also the proper organization of everything connected with the multi-lingual part of your event.

Britta Gravemann will support you in the run-up to your event by putting together the right team of interpreters, making arrangements for the necessary conference technology and interpreting equipment, and taking care of the translation of any documentation required, such as press releases, handouts and presentations.

Ms. Gravemann will be happy to talk with you personally to ascertain exactly which if any associated services would be most sensible and necessary in your specific case. Please don’t hesitate to contact her.

Quality takes time ...

As in many areas of life, this also applies to the preparation of a multi-lingual event or conference.

The sooner you approach the organizing interpreter with your service request and event dates, the better all of the necessary steps can be taken and agreed upon – to optimal effect.