Leave it to the experts!


Flexible, skilled and specialized

Education and experience have made Britta Gravemann (Diplom-Dolmetscherin) a professional provider of interpretation services for international conferences, events and negotiations. In over 30 years of practice, she has naturally developed a number of technical concentrations.

Britta Gravemann has interpreted extensively in the following fields, making it possible for her to respond to requests from the following subject areas even at short notice:

  • Steel industry and mining
  • Power plant engineering
  • Automobile industry
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Materials handling
  • Logistics
  • Lighting industry
  • Information and communication technology
  • European politics
  • Agencies and administration
  • Medicine
  • Plastics

Silence is golden

Discretion is a major aspect of Britta Gravemann’s business principles and customer commitment. She prefers, therefore, not to publish specific references by name, but will happily provide representative customers or appropriate contacts upon request.